Stations using Digipeater (PacComm, New n-N Paradigm)

In this list we include stations that has used the symbol Digipeater (PacComm, New n-N Paradigm) in the latest 24 hours.

Symbol description: Digipeater (PacComm, New n-N Paradigm)

Station Sent by Latest heard Comment
K2PUT-15 1560633241 PEARL 145.130-PL136.5
K3ZMC-1 1560632639
K4OKE-3 1560633632 WIDEn-n Digi On The Web @
K4PKT-1 1560631772 11,22,21,33 Clewiston, Fl. On the Web
K4PKT-2 1560633402 WIDEn-n Digi PBPG In Palm City
K4PKT-3 1560633475 WIDEn-n Digi PBPG In West Palm Beach
NA3PEC 1560559730 P.Gate 13.4V Temp 22C
PS-2E0LNX PE2KMV 1560632437 PHG0-210DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-2E0LXY PE2KMV 1560632424 PHG1-120DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-2E0XVX PE2KMV 1560632524 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(26AE)(ONLINE)
PS-4X5PI PE2KMV 1560632454 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-4Z5YR PE2KMV 1560632433 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0189)(ONLINE)
PS-9V1LH PE2KMV 1560632477 PHG0-200DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0167CD)(ONLINE)
PS-9W2LWK PE2KMV 1560632416 PHG1-220DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-AA4ZM PE2KMV 1560632478 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-AB3QV PE2KMV 1560632450 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-AC7FD PE2KMV 1560632465 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(4567CDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-AF6FB PE2KMV 1560632488 PHG0-210DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-BD7MXN PE2KMV 1560556962 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(28D)(ONLINE)
PS-BG4TGO PE2KMV 1560632497 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-BH4WKZ PE2KMV 1560632461 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(26AE)(ONLINE)
PS-BH8SXD PE2KMV 1560621628 PHG0-220DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(01379CDF)(ONLINE)
PS-BI4NTV PE2KMV 1560632432 PHG0-220DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-BI7JTA PE2KMV 1560621618 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0167CD)(ONLINE)
PS-BRANDM PE2KMV 1560632514 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-CT1CVT PE2KMV 1560632515 PHG0-210DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(4567CDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-CT2HKY PE2KMV 1560632458 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-CT4TX PE2KMV 1560632463 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(12AB)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0ABG PE2KMV 1560632477 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(26A)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0AFU PE2KMV 1560632482 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(23589BEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0AMK PE2KMV 1560632493 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(27C)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0ASE PE2KMV 1560632499 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(01)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0BI PE2KMV 1560632534 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0189ABEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0BIB PE2KMV 1560621743 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(23AB)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0BWL PE2KMV 1560632530 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(37AE)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0BZA PE2KMV 1560632532 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(15D)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0DB PE2KMV 1560632539 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(01BC)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0DDE PE2KMV 1560632440 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(2A)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0DMO PE2KMV 1560632452 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(579D)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0EEE PE2KMV 1560632474 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(13579BDF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0EIF PE2KMV 1560632478 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(08)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0EK PE2KMV 1560632530 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0167DE)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0EL PE2KMV 1560632531 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(26AE)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0EWB PE2KMV 1560632493 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(45CD)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0FA PE2KMV 1560632529 PHG44-20DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(258BE)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0FEU PE2KMV 1560632429 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(159D)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0FFL PE2KMV 1560632505 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(047AD)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0FHC PE2KMV 1560632507 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0189)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0FLW PE2KMV 1560632513 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(4CF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0FMS PE2KMV 1560632515 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(35BD)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0FRB PE2KMV 1560632516 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(23DE)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0FS PE2KMV 1560632529 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(148)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0FTC PE2KMV 1560632518 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(01C)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0FTS PE2KMV 1560632519 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(23AB)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0FZ PE2KMV 1560553333 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0GB PE2KMV 1560632532 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(567DEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0HEI PE2KMV 1560632432 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(34ABF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0HFT PE2KMV 1560632433 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(159D)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0HHS PE2KMV 1560632436 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(078C)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0HRF PE2KMV 1560632447 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(4589E)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0IL PE2KMV 1560632498 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(2389E)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0INS PE2KMV 1560632473 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(456CD)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0IUK PE2KMV 1560632482 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(234)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0KH PE2KMV 1560632499 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(35A)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0KLI PE2KMV 1560632531 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(2367ABEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0KOE PE2KMV 1560632541 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(12EF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0KUA PE2KMV 1560632543 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(37B)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0KWE PE2KMV 1560632545 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(6E)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0KX PE2KMV 1560632500 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(3B)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0LDH PE2KMV 1560632419 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0167C)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0LDK PE2KMV 1560632420 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(23D)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0LUH PE2KMV 1560632442 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(34CD)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0MAC PE2KMV 1560632454 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(14A)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0MGH PE2KMV 1560621674 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(178F)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0MGN PE2KMV 1560632458 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0189)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0ML PE2KMV 1560632494 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(159F)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0MM PE2KMV 1560621715 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(2367ABEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0NER PE2KMV 1560632489 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(67EF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0NKS PE2KMV 1560625307 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(01BC)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0NU PE2KMV 1560592901 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(2367EF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0OFI PE2KMV 1560632522 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(23DE)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0OHA PE2KMV 1560632521 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(678DEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0OV PE2KMV 1560632496 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0189)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0OVL PE2KMV 1560632534 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(269CF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0PET PE2KMV 1560632409 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0369CF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0PM PE2KMV 1560632495 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(35BD)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0POC PE2KMV 1560632422 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0PRA PE2KMV 1560632424 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(23D)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0PRT PE2KMV 1560632428 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(01C)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0PTB PE2KMV 1560632427 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(189F)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0RBS PE2KMV 1560632478 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(468AF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0RCH PE2KMV 1560632476 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(34AB)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0REI PE2KMV 1560632479 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(67F)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0RGB PE2KMV 1560632484 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(159D)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0RHB PE2KMV 1560632482 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(2A)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0ROF PE2KMV 1560632493 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0189)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0RTA PE2KMV 1560632496 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(1235679ABDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0SC PE2KMV 1560632491 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(45CD)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0SEL PE2KMV 1560632512 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(569A)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0SLF PE2KMV 1560632516 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0189)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0SPN PE2KMV 1560632522 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(05A)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0TA PE2KMV 1560632492 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(56DE)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0TPS PE2KMV 1560632417 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0TUD PE2KMV 1560632421 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(16B)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0UHI PE2KMV 1560632445 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(019A)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0WA PE2KMV 1560632481 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(19AB)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0WL PE2KMV 1560632486 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(09CD)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0WUP PE2KMV 1560632518 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(08)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0WV PE2KMV 1560632486 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(014589CD)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0XHI PE2KMV 1560632539 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(67F)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0XN PE2KMV 1560632484 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(2389E)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0XO PE2KMV 1560632484 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0369C)(ONLINE)
PS-DB0ZKA PE2KMV 1560632469 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(159D)(ONLINE)
PS-DB2FM2 PE2KMV 1560632452 PHG0-210DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(4567)(ONLINE)
PS-DB2FQ PE2KMV 1560625274 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0156CD)(ONLINE)
PS-DB2GM PE2KMV 1560632471 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(45E)(ONLINE)
PS-DB2GM2 PE2KMV 1560632483 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(67C)(ONLINE)
PS-DB2JP PE2KMV 1560632464 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(12359ABD)(ONLINE)
PS-DB3LO PE2KMV 1560632427 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(4567CDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DB4BIN PE2KMV 1560632528 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(234567CD)(ONLINE)
PS-DB4IQ PE2KMV 1560632537 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DB8TS PE2KMV 1560632539 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(67F)(ONLINE)
PS-DB9VL PE2KMV 1560625317 PHG0-200DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DC1MUK PE2KMV 1560632435 PHG0-200DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(159D)(ONLINE)
PS-DC1SAF PE2KMV 1560632473 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DC4LE PE2KMV 1560632504 PHG0-210DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DC5DU PE2KMV 1560632472 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0248C)(ONLINE)
PS-DC6BV PE2KMV 1560632444 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DC6PD PE2KMV 1560632431 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DC7OS PE2KMV 1560632538 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(26E)(ONLINE)
PS-DD1GO PE2KMV 1560632529 PHG0-100DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DD1KW PE2KMV 1560632526 PHG0-210DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DD4KO PE2KMV 1560632423 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(7E)(ONLINE)
PS-DD4UQ PE2KMV 1560632418 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DF2AP PE2KMV 1560632422 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(34AB)(ONLINE)
PS-DF2ET PE2KMV 1560632420 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123)(ONLINE)
PS-DF5FD PE2KMV 1560632502 PHG0-220DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DF5GF PE2KMV 1560632461 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(01456789ABCEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DF8AY PE2KMV 1560632540 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DF9EU PE2KMV 1560632511 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DF9IK PE2KMV 1560632506 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(34DE)(ONLINE)
PS-DG0OL PE2KMV 1560632473 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(34AB)(ONLINE)
PS-DG0SIA PE2KMV 1560632426 PHG0-200DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(3459AB)(ONLINE)
PS-DG0TD PE2KMV 1560628874 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DG1SFJ PE2KMV 1560632461 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123579BCDE)(ONLINE)
PS-DG2EBN PE2KMV 1560632460 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(04AD)(ONLINE)
PS-DG2RON PE2KMV 1560632472 PHG0-220DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(012389AB)(ONLINE)
PS-DG2UAZ PE2KMV 1560632414 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(15A)(ONLINE)
PS-DG3ABY PE2KMV 1560632500 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(049D)(ONLINE)
PS-DG3FBL PE2KMV 1560632525 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(12367BCD)(ONLINE)
PS-DG4FR PE2KMV 1560628864 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DG4MGI PE2KMV 1560628924 PHG0-220DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0189)(ONLINE)
PS-DG4WO PE2KMV 1560632472 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DG5BKA PE2KMV 1560632476 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(67EF)(ONLINE)
PS-DG5FFN PE2KMV 1560632465 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0189)(ONLINE)
PS-DG5GSA PE2KMV 1560632514 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(679F)(ONLINE)
PS-DG5MHD PE2KMV 1560632416 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(26AE)(ONLINE)
PS-DG7AA PE2KMV 1560625347 PHG1-2-10DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DG7ABL PE2KMV 1560632513 PHG1-110DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(7F)(ONLINE)
PS-DG7BBU PE2KMV 1560632544 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(149C)(ONLINE)
PS-DG7DAM PE2KMV 1560632467 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(18D)(ONLINE)
PS-DG8YIC PE2KMV 1560632512 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048CF)(ONLINE)
PS-DG9LKA PE2KMV 1560632533 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(45CD)(ONLINE)
PS-DG9VH1 PE2KMV 1560632444 PHG0-210DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(014589CD)(ONLINE)
PS-DH0BRO PE2KMV 1560625312 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123EF)(ONLINE)
PS-DH0FAA PE2KMV 1560632474 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(16A)(ONLINE)
PS-DH1GD PE2KMV 1560632518 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(01234567)(ONLINE)
PS-DH1IS PE2KMV 1560632543 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(37AD)(ONLINE)
PS-DH2BR PE2KMV 1560632495 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DH2ES PE2KMV 1560632491 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(15AE)(ONLINE)
PS-DH2ID1 PE2KMV 1560621740 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DH2UAI PE2KMV 1560632481 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DH4JG PE2KMV 1560621621 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DH5ABC PE2KMV 1560621730 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(012389AB)(ONLINE)
PS-DH6BS PE2KMV 1560632497 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DH7AHK PE2KMV 1560632452 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0189)(ONLINE)
PS-DH7SW PE2KMV 1560632451 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(04789ACF)(ONLINE)
PS-DH8VH PE2KMV 1560632410 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DH9FG PE2KMV 1560632426 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(048C)(ONLINE)
PS-DJ0LRC PE2KMV 1560632532 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(27D)(ONLINE)
PS-DJ1KS PE2KMV 1560632467 PHG0-200DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(258B)(ONLINE)
PS-DJ4RAM PE2KMV 1560632451 PHG0-1-60DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(03579BDE)(ONLINE)
PS-DK0WUE PE2KMV 1560632415 PHG12-40DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(37BF)(ONLINE)
PS-DK1JAN PE2KMV 1560632425 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(038B)(ONLINE)
PS-DK1LJ PE2KMV 1560632430 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DK1REM PE2KMV 1560628948 PHG0-210DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(2367ABEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DK2KL PE2KMV 1560632535 PHG0-210DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0189)(ONLINE)
PS-DK2VS PE2KMV 1560632494 PHG0-100DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(037CF)(ONLINE)
PS-DK4PA PE2KMV 1560632466 PHG0-110DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DK5BM PE2KMV 1560632418 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DK5FA PE2KMV 1560628817 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(07EF)(ONLINE)
PS-DK5GA PE2KMV 1560632411 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(014589C)(ONLINE)
PS-DK5PF PE2KMV 1560632434 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DK5RAS PE2KMV 1560632412 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(01234567)(ONLINE)
PS-DK7MF PE2KMV 1560632513 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(38F)(ONLINE)
PS-DK7XD PE2KMV 1560632505 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(059BCDE)(ONLINE)
PS-DK8AP PE2KMV 1560632458 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(012389AB)(ONLINE)
PS-DK9SAS PE2KMV 1560632468 PHG0-220DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(0123456789ABCDEF)(ONLINE)
PS-DL0LPH PE2KMV 1560632524 DAPNET POCSAG Transmitter(1235679ABDEF)(ONLINE)
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